How To Shop Online Safely

how to shop online safely

Shopping have never been easier than doing it online! One of the great gifts from the 21st century have been the ability to do a few clicks, wait a day or two, and have everything you order brought to the comfort of your own home. It’s very easy and can save you lots of time, effort and money. Online you can find the best bargains, a wide variety of products and prices, and you can buy just about anything from upholstery cleaner to a car! The sky is the limit! (well actually the limit is your credit card, but you know what I mean) Shopping online it’s very safe, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its risks. Many people out there may try to scam you into buying fake products or not delivering the goods you bought, or even stealing your bank details. This is a possibility when doing online shopping, but with a little common sense and practical advice you can have a risk-free experience. It all comes down to knowing who you are buying from, where and how.


Here you can find a few tips to have a safe online experience:

• Keep an eye on the website and seller: there are plenty of websites to shop from that are perfectly reliable. If you are buying from an independent seller or website, first do a little bit of research. Check reviews from other buyers and the buyer’s reputation before closing the deal.
• Check if the website is secure: most browsers give you all the information you need to know that a site is safe. When looking at the address bar, check that the address starts with https://, next to it must be a padlock and the website name should be on green color; these are all signs of secure websites. Only share personal information on secure websites.
• Keep you anti-virus protection updated: updates can help you prevent cyber attacks and keep your data protected.
• Use strong passwords: use a combination of upper and lower case, numbers and special characters. If you are worrying about forgetting, write it down somewhere safe.
• Watch out for unsafe Wi-Fi: public places like parks, coffee shops and malls often offer free Wi-Fi, these networks are not protected and makes you very vulnerable to stolen data. Try not to use public Wi-Fi for doing any kind of transaction that requires personal information.

5 Tips For Shopping With Kids

5 Tips for shopping with kids

Our kids are everything to us, they make our lives a little brighter. But let’s face it, there are times where hanging out with them can be a real torture, especially in you are in a supermarket’s aisle with a 3yo having the biggest tantrum ever. Yep, shopping trips can get really stressful, its not easy with one kid, it won’t get any easier with more.

However, we got to eat, so we cannot escape from a shopping trip forever. If you don’t have children of your own, I know what you are thinking: “If it’s so much trouble why you won’t leave the kids at home?” I used to think this way before having kids, it’s a simple solution but most of the time that is just not an option, you have no choice but to take them with you. Here are 5 tips to make your shopping trips a little bit easier for you, be patient it doesn’t have to be that bad, it actually can be a fun bonding time with the kids.

1. Have an action plan:

I’m not only talking about a shopping list, the more you plan ahead, the less stressed you will be about the groceries so you can focus more on the kids. If you shop on one store, arranging the item by aisle is a good idea, or if you are a coupon person, detailed prices on your list and coupon quantity will be a big help.

2. Give the kids a task:

Kids like to get involved, make them a part of the shopping, not only companions. Give them their own shopping list or have them pick up items form the shelves. Even pushing the card or helping you with the bags can make them feel important and included.

3. Play a game:

Let’s face it, kids get bored and their attention is short so you got to get creative in order to keep them entertained. Pretend you are in a space mission, or make them look for a particular color, the sky is the limit on how to play with your kids.

4. Go in a good mood:

Don’t go to the store hungry, sleepy or tired, this will generate grumpiness and it may lead you to tantrums and lots of drama. Choose to go after all people have eaten and have rested. Start your shopping trips in a good mood and you hopefully will end it that way.

5. Set clear expectations:

Make the rules clear from the start, have a little pep talk before you go in and explain to the kids what you need from them. Remind them what is an acceptable behavior on the store, if candy is allowed, how long you expect to be there, etc. Give them clear instructions and ask them to repeat them back to check that they catch it.

How To Save Time While Shopping

how to save time while shopping

Have you ever wonder how much time do you spend on regular grocery shopping? Sure thing wondering around the aisles can be fun, there is so much to see and sales can be very convincing. The truth is that a regular shopping trip can last up to 45 minutes, and considering that you may go to the store twice a week, then we are talking about around 72h a year expend in the market! That’s three days of your life that you expend annually entirely on shopping groceries. Think about the many things you could do in that time! You could have more quality time with your spouse and children. You could do some exercise, meditation, read a book or even learn a new language. The sky is the limit when you have 45 minutes to kill.


Here are some tips for saving a little extra time on shopping:

• Try online shopping. Going to the market can take so much time when you have kids, leaving them at home is not always an option so you have to take them with you. Many stores offer delivery services so you don’t have to leave your home to get what you need. It may take some getting used to but it can save so much time!
• Make a list and stick to it. Wandering aimlessly around the store wondering what you need at home is not the most efficient way of shop. Plan ahead what you’ll need and buy only what’s on the list. This won’t only save you time but also money avoiding buying things you don’t need.
• Make less shopping trips. Instead of going to the store several times a week for few items, plan your groceries for 2 weeks or even a month. Many stores give great discounts when buying big quantities so it can help you same a few bucks.
• Shop in only one store. If you go to many stores you’ll lose time on things like traffic and parking. Another advantage of this is that you’ll get to know your store like the palm of your hand, so if you know where every item is, your grocery trips will be in and out.
• Plan your meals. This tips may not be directly related to shopping, but when you have your meals planned ahead, you’ll know exactly what you need to buy, so making the shopping list will be faster as well as your shopping.

How To Buy Gifts For Your Beloved One


It doesn’t matter that spring is gone, love still in the air, it is a wonderful and magical feeling that encourages you to be a better person and fill your spirit with a warm energy, being in love is incredible and you will surely want to do your best for your beloved one all the time, as he or she does for you.

The life together sometimes can fall into routine, but you can fight that keeping romance alive, and one of the best options to do that is when you give him/her a gift, in that moment you can show how much you care for that person.

How can we select the perfect gift for that special person

Sometimes we wonder what gifts we can give to our loved ones, well the secret is make it special and personal, you can give a handkerchief to any person, but for your beloved one you give it with his/her initials embroidered in a special box beautifully decorated (maybe decorated by hand), do you see the difference?.

First at all, you need to think in what he or she likes and/or love, for example, if your special person is fan of videogames, find out which one he/she likes most and give something related to it, like the last version of the game, or the latest console, if he or she likes literature, you can try to find a first edition or a special edition of his/her favourite book, or find that special film or serie that he/she likes so much and give him/her the special edition with deleted scenes.

Pay attention to his or her comments, if she says that she’s dying for that awesome pair of boots, or that lovely bracelet she saw last week and she couldn’t buy, you can buy them for an special occasion.

The details are essential, give him/her the gift very well and romantically presented, you can use a beautiful box and attach a rose with a ribbon, a touch of perfume and a lovely handwritten card, you can even give him/her a dessert as a gift inside a crystal box with a golden ribbon and a flower or balloon, that’s romantic, remember always to keep romance alive.


Another option are the presents related to your life together, a photo album with pictures of both of you, or an artistic and delicate photo frame to show the best picture of you together in that special moment.

Personalize the gift, you can give him/her bath towels with your names embroidered, or some jewelry with your initials or names engraved, give him/her something that makes him/her remember you all the time.

Another good option is to give something that help to keep passion alive, there are plenty options you can give if you dare.